Garcia-Hernandez Conveyor Belt

Garcia-Hernandez, Bohol, Philippines, 2022

On the day of our Anda tour, I was having a really bad headache because of the unpredictable weather. When we were on our way back to Panglao after completing our itinerary for the day, we passed by this mining site. This wasn’t part of our tour, but my husband asked our tour guide if we could stop by just to take a photo. And though my head feels like its tearing itself apart, I just couldn’t help but go down and take a photo of the conveyor belt myself.

This mining site is a project of the Duterte administration and according to locals, Bohol’s LGU doesn’t earn anything or have any share from this — all the money goes straight to the national government. You might not see or notice it in the photo that I took from the main road of the town, but the top of that mountain has already gone bald.imageThe next photo shown below is a screen capture from Google Maps of what the mountain looks like from a bird’s eye view:



Reflections of Hope

Cadapdapan Rice Terraces, Candijay, Bohol, Philippines, 2022

One of my many dreams for the Philippines is for our farmers to be recognized and receive the proper care and salary that they deserve. Today, they are still part of what we call laylayan who are most in need; their sentiments, requests, and demands are mostly never heard and neglected. Yet a lot of people would tell them to stop complaining and just work harder. I’ve heard this being said so many times that it just irks me how privileged, entitled, and selfish most people can be. How can you say this to our farmers who spends every day of their lives planting and harvesting crops ⁠— not even taking holidays and weekends off, but still remain part of the laylayan?

Alas, it might take more years or decades even, for this dream to come into fruition. But these photos give me the kind of hope that one day, someday, maybe, our farmers will be heard and taken care of. I think that if we just take the time to stop and listen to their cries of help, the country would be more united as a nation and the people from our laylayan would never feel ignored.

Bohol, Philippines

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As the world slowly lifts travel restrictions and opens up to tourists, we celebrated my husband’s birthday in Bohol. It’s a domestic travel, which I pretty much appreciated because our home country is very beautiful and there are so many places we have yet to visit. We’ve planned this trip after our Boracay trip in February, and we were lucky enough that the restrictions did not heighten. 

We stayed at Panglao Sea Resort which is a very lovely and peaceful place at the heart of Panglao Island. The staff and the owner are all very friendly and accommodating. We definitely fell in love with the place as well as the food. Continue reading

Anilao, Batangas: Camp Netanya


Just a two to three-hour drive away from Manila’s busy streets is the province of Batangas which is known for its many beaches and excellent diving spots; and situated in one of Batangas’ popular towns is this Santorini-inspired resort that is famous for its aesthetically pleasing domes and interior.

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Anilao, Batangas: Altamare Dive & Leisure Resort

This is a long overdue post of what have transcribed on May 11 and 12.


Looking for a relaxing place to stay at away from the noisy and crowded areas of the metro, we found this haven sprawled along the shores of Batangas which is just a 3-hour drive from the city. Being away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, Altamare Dive & Leisure Resort is a very relaxing place to spend your weekends at with its beautiful and peaceful ambiance and sumptuous food. Continue reading