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Title: A Boy Possessed

Author: Jon Athan

Publication Date: August9, 2018

Number of Pages: 199

Format: Ebook

Publisher: Createspace

Genre: Horror


The life of Jamie Cruz, a single father, begins to crumble when his eleven-year-old son, Casey, begins to exhibit signs of mental illness. At first, he turns to a doctor for help. To his dismay, Casey’s behavior inexplicably worsens as the boy becomes more aggressive—more violent. When Casey’s actions begin to challenge the laws of nature, their once-peaceful home becomes a house of unimaginable terror. Jamie is forced to question everything he knows. He tackles every possibility—psychological and supernatural—and enlists the aid of doctors, a parapsychologist, and a priest to help him save his son.

But, what are they fighting? And is it too late to save Casey?

Jon Athan, the author of Her Suffering and Madness at Madison Mall, brings you a battle between good and evil, mind and soul, and father and son in this supernatural horror story.

Please note: This novel is a remake of a previously-released book titled In the Name of the Devil: A Horror Novel. The book has been completely re-written from beginning to end and features a new chapter as well as over 10,000 words of new content. This is not your average re-release.
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