2023 Reading Resolutions


Happy New Year, dear readers! In 2022, I must say that a lot has happened to me as a reader. I let go of some of my books that I didn’t like all that much, I started reading more Japanese literature and Filipino literature, and so on. I was also able to actively participate in a book club that I appreciate so much.

Also, in 2022, I laid out various titles from my backlist as my reading resolution, but sadly, I was not able to do that. So this year, I decided to loosen up a bit and make a general list of reading goals that I want to achieve in 2023. I’m so excited because with this idea, I can pick random titles as long as they belong to the category, which I think is easier for me as a mood reader! I divided my reading goals into three parts, and here they are:

There are months in the year where I am absolutely busy with work and personal life that I can only squeeze a book or two, but maybe it would help me make a dent in my physical tbr pile if I make it a point to read at least one of each from the list above. I love manga and graphic novels and I have a lot of backlist titles on my shelves, so I’m hoping this will help give me that extra kick to finally pick those up. As for the thriller or horror, I think it’s easy to do this as I mostly read thrillers or horrors these days. If time permits, I might squeeze in a couple of romance or fantasy novels too.

For my quarterly reading goals, I want to read more Filipino literature and Japanese literature! Reading at least 1 book per quarter means reading 4 books in a year and that’s more than enough for me to catch up with my Fil and Jap lit backlist! I also intend to read more authors that I haven’t tried before. I’ve read a couple of new-to-me authors in 2022 and loved most of them, so I want to make this a quarterly challenge so that I can discover more authors.

Lastly, for my yearly reading goals, I intend to read at least 1 classic book. I am not a fan of classics as I really find it hard to read them given the old English, but I would love to give it a try; I am still yet to pick the title that I would be reading for 2023, so I’ll just keep you guys posted once I have decided. I also plan to read books from my physical tbr backlist as I have a lot! So I do plan to read at least 10 books from my physical tbr. Lastly, I want to finish at least one series this year. I have a lot of series to catch up on, so I really need to finish one this year.

So there you have it! My 2023 reading resolutions/goals. I hope that by creating this, I put a dent on my physical tbr (which has been growing as time goes by). Hopefully, I get to read a lot of books that have been sitting on my shelves for years now.

How about you? What’s on top of your reading goals for 2023?


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