Farewell, PNOY.

June 30, 2016 • To the President who has done his best to improve and better the country, the nation, but the people lacked to appreciate, thank you for the six years of governance. You may not have been the perfect President (because no one is perfect and anyone who seeks perfection will only constantly disappoint himself), but to those who actually took the time to look back and analyze the current condition of the country compared to how we were back in 2010, you did your best and with that, you are leaving the country in a good condition. Again, good bye and thank you, President Noy.

Today, as the Philippines inaugurates a new President, I hope with crossed fingers and open mind that he will do his very best to further improve the country. May the change people seek and the change he promises are one for the betterment of the country. After all, he who promises change should start within himself. I may not be your biggest fan, but at this point, the best I can do is accept and trust that the country will be a lot better in your hands. I am holding on to that small hope that you could be what this country needs.

With that, as a citizen of the Philippines, I promise that I will be watching, I will be attentive, and I will always speak my mind out. Good luck and congratulations, Rodrigo Duterte, may you govern this country well.

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