Bangkok, Thailand


We only had three days to spend in Bangkok after our Phuket trip, so we planned the itinerary carefully. On the day of our flight back to BKK from Phuket, our flight was delayed for an hour because of the weather in Bangkok. So we arrived at the airport at around lunch time. By then, we were famished. We had to eat at the airport because it’s still a 30-minute train ride from there to Phaya Thai and 15-minute drive from Phaya Thai to our hotel which was located in Chinatown.

Our hotel was lovely and since it’s located in the heart of the town—just across BTS (Bangkok Transit System)—it was very Chinese-themed. The hallways and the rooms were spacious and clean. I enjoyed making visits at their deck near the swimming pool because it was overlooking the town and of course, we just had to take photos!

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Phuket, Thailand


I can’t believe that it’s already been a year since we got married! The past year has been nothing but wonderful, and for our first wedding anniversary, we decided to celebrate it in a different country — Thailand. It’s one of the countries in Asia that I want to visit because of their famous beaches and shopping malls, but I recently found out about their massive selection of books and huge bookstores. That’s for a different post though, because this specific blog post will be about the time that we’ve spent in the wonderful island of Phuket.

We stayed at Woraburi Phuket Resort & Spa which was situated at the heart of Karon Beach. The beach itself is pretty accessible from the hotel because Woraburi is just across from it. We booked a superior room, but we were upgraded to their deluxe room for free. The room is big and spacious with a strong touch of classic Thailand. The hotel staff were very kind and accommodating, especially for us foreign to the place. The breakfast food buffet was great; they serve different food each morning. Plus, they also have free Bangkok iced popsicles for their guests!

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Reflections of Hope

Cadapdapan Rice Terraces, Candijay, Bohol, Philippines, 2022

One of my many dreams for the Philippines is for our farmers to be recognized and receive the proper care and salary that they deserve. Today, they are still part of what we call laylayan who are most in need; their sentiments, requests, and demands are mostly never heard and neglected. Yet a lot of people would tell them to stop complaining and just work harder. I’ve heard this being said so many times that it just irks me how privileged, entitled, and selfish most people can be. How can you say this to our farmers who spends every day of their lives planting and harvesting crops ⁠— not even taking holidays and weekends off, but still remain part of the laylayan?

Alas, it might take more years or decades even, for this dream to come into fruition. But these photos give me the kind of hope that one day, someday, maybe, our farmers will be heard and taken care of. I think that if we just take the time to stop and listen to their cries of help, the country would be more united as a nation and the people from our laylayan would never feel ignored.

The Church of Our Lady of the Assumption ⁠— Dauis Church

Dauis, Bohol, Philippines, 2022

Located in the town of Dauis in the island of Panglao, the church is also known as The Church of Our Lady of the Assumption. It was built in August 1923 and is one of the most sophisticated and complex structures of its kind in Bohol. Dauis church is said to have been built according to a plan for basilicas which explains the church’s high central nave flanked by lower aisles.


📷: Fujifilm X-A3, Fujinon 27mm 2.8 V2 pancake lens
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Bohol, Philippines

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As the world slowly lifts travel restrictions and opens up to tourists, we celebrated my husband’s birthday in Bohol. It’s a domestic travel, which I pretty much appreciated because our home country is very beautiful and there are so many places we have yet to visit. We’ve planned this trip after our Boracay trip in February, and we were lucky enough that the restrictions did not heighten. 

We stayed at Panglao Sea Resort which is a very lovely and peaceful place at the heart of Panglao Island. The staff and the owner are all very friendly and accommodating. We definitely fell in love with the place as well as the food. Continue reading