Witch Hour

As kids, we were told that 3 a.m. is that time of the night when our human bodies are at low tide and our blood moves slower than usual. While, on the other hand, it is the time when the witches and demons are at their most powerful state because it is said that the thin line between our world and the “other side” is pulled aside at 3 a.m.

While most of us are sleeping soundly at this time, folklore also suggests that our dreams are a form of communication with the supernatural and are potentially dangerous. I’ve even read somewhere that most people in hospitals die at this hour.

But as we grow up, the witch hour turns out to be that time in the morning when he picks you up and offers to hold your bag for you.

It’s that time in the day when he kisses your forehead and tells you how much he loves you.

It’s that time in the afternoon when he walks you home or texts you good night.

It’s that point in your life when he stops doing all those things with you as you realize that he’s already found someone else to spend his time with just as how he used to spend it with you.

You see, the devil doesn’t always look as bad. He doesn’t always have horns, or fangs, or a tail. Most of the time, he looks exactly how you’d picture an angel to be.


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