In the place where every ending is entangled with a new beginning, and each night is a bridge to another day…

You came at the time when I wasn’t looking, at the time when all my doors and windows are closed. You came knocking at my doorstep without uttering a single word as I let you in without questions asked. I opened the door, welcomed you in, and made you feel comfortable.

I will let you stay in the depths of my heart for as long as you want. I will let you make my entirety your home and my love your blanket.

Let me fill your days with certainty as you stay calm in my arms every day. So as when you close your eyes and sleep, you wouldn’t have to worry, because I will still love you the moment you wake up.

I will walk with you, stop at places if you ever feel tired, and I’d even walk backwards if we ever feel the need to trace back our tracks.

I may not know if my love would ever suffice how I truly feel for you and I may not be the prettiest girl to brag about, but please let me choose you every single day for the rest of my life.

Because in my eyes, there is only you.

I love you.


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