Candor: An Ongoing Process

One thing that I am continuously learning from my relationship is that it is always better to love with your whole heart than to contain your feelings as if they are your own prisoner.

I know it’s difficult to openly express your feelings for someone and be transparent with them as it may seem like you’re setting yourself up for getting your heart broken, but when you come to think of it (and do think of it), you might end up breaking it, too, when you keep bottling up your feelings.

I always tend to overthink things and loving someone whole-heartedly without any constraints or reservations is an ongoing process for me — but with the right person, it is worth taking the risk.

So, go on with the process of setting aside your fears. You’ll be surprised how easy and natural it feels to show your person how much you love them.

And if you still get your heart broken in the end, at least you know you’ve done your part and, I think, that’s what’s important — that will always be enough.


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