My Usual Friday Night

How does my usual Friday night look like, you say? I try to relieve my stresses from the past work week by spending all night in my bedroom, reading a book (and sometimes drinking milk or tea). I just like the peacefulness I get when I’m locked inside my room with no one to bother me — free from the toxicity of the house.


On the days where I don’t feel like reading at all (yes, it happens and I feel guilty about it), I watch random rom-coms or my favorite Netflix series (e.g., Riverdale).

Last year, I was suffering from a very bad reading slump because the book I was reading (Timeline by Michael Crichton) felt really dragging + I am so hooked to Friends and other Netflix shows! I am sort of disappointed with Timeline, though, because I feel like it has so much to offer. After reading half of the book, I decided to just put it down for a while because I really have a lot of books on my TBR.

Currently, I’m reading the second book in the Robert Langdon series by Dan Brown and I’m almost halfway through it. As usual, the fast-paced writing style of Dan Brown kept me up at night. I’m so excited to read all the books in this series.

This post has been more like an update re: my reading status, the reading slump was also the reason why I have nothing to write for my Stuff I’ve Been Reading Lately series. I’ll make up to it next month, I promise.


2020, Here I Come


Like many other years that have passed, 2019 has been full of challenges, laughter, tears, surprises, and so much more. So what truly made it different from all the past years?

For me it goes like: This year was full of firsts. It’s been a year of surprises and going-aways and basically trying my best to live my life as best as possible. Continue reading

Yuletide Season 2019


Merry Christmas, everyone! I know this is a bit late and I’ve been on some kind of a hiatus for a couple of days without any warning post of sorts.

So maybe I owe everyone an explanation: My last work day of the year was on December 20 and that week was also the busiest as we’ve got a deadline to meet. It was also my first time staying up all night just to wait for our documents to be released.

After that week, it’s been my family’s tradition to spend Christmas at my grandparents’ house in Tagaytay. Aside from having limited access to the internet, we were all too busy preparing for Noche Buena and going places.

So setting all the explanation aside, I hope all of you have had an awesome Christmas! My cousins and I spent Christmas Eve watching Doctor Sleep while having a couple of drinks with my aunt and uncle over our DIY Samgyupsal.

Here’s a photo of what our little Noche Buena looked like:


A Breather From Stress


We all need some time to unwind and a long weekend is the perfect time to do it. My family decided to spend it in Tagaytay wherein it’s quiet and peaceful. Since the internet has been really toxic and the city, work and everything else has been stressing me out lately, I know that I needed this “time out” from the rest of the world.

While the others went to the grocery to buy enough food and stuff we needed for our three-day stay, I, on the other hand, just stayed in and read all my pending comic book reads and I also started reading a new novel during our first day. Life has been really getting in the way recently and I’ve been in the longest reading slump, ever. I hope I get to finish what I’m reading right now.

On the second day, we ate lunch out. We tried this new Japanese resto. The food was actually very delicious. My brother and I have always been a sucker for Jap food. Japanese food is the best food. Always. The two of us also dropped by Serenitea and their place there was just ozumsauce. It’s all too cute for my life.

On Monday morning, my aunt and her husband woke us up to jog with them. My brother mostly just hunted for Pokemons around the place while I tried running a few laps until I eventually gave up and just took photos of random stuff around the area using my phone. I’m still learning my way through ~*photography*~ so bear with me.

Well, there goes my weekend. I’m still not through with The Manifesto On How To Be Interesting by Holly Bourne and I’m barely halfway through the book, but I’ll get the hang of it. I promise.


Sometimes, you lose sight of what was once so clear, not because you don’t want it anymore, but because there are some things about it that have become way out of control.

No matter how beautiful something is, life just keeps hitting you straight in the face just to point out that you just can’t have it smoothly, but that should never hinder you from believing in your capacity to work things out.

I hope I can.

Self & Career



Life can really be tricky sometimes. The past week has been really crazily busy and I don’t even know how I managed to survive it. I had to attend to two different family reunions and my bestfriend’s birthday slash farewell party (since she’s going to work for Qatar Airways and she’s scheduled to leave tomorrow already), not only that, I was also bombarded with problems that I didn’t really know how to cope up with. It’s really frustrating when people push you to do something you’re not happy about and I hate it when people tell me how to live my life.

All my life, all I wanted was freedom to do whatever I want and decide for myself. I don’t need anyone else’s approval of what should and will make me happy. I don’t care if what I want and what I’m passionate about could be a risk. I prolonged this dream for so long already and I’m not letting anyone stop me from chasing it. Not again.

I just hope I get to figure things out really soon.


Though it is a struggle to wake up every morning and drag myself out of bed, work has been a little less stressful recently. Training will transcribe this week and it’s actually one of the things I’ve been looking forward to, since it will be with people with different English accents and though it will tie us to the company for another 6 months, I’m still looking at the positive note that I will learn something new out of the training that I can use for future needs.

Missing in Action

So where have I been in the past three weeks?!

I’ve been kind of busy with life lately. Trying to find myself in the midst of everything that happened this year and so far, I’m happy with the little things unfolding before my eyes and yesterday, I thanked God for all the things he has blessed me with, I know that what he took away is leading me to something better. It feels very calming to know that things have changed for the better and losing a few people isn’t always a bad thing.

I am currently enjoying every moment of my life and I’ve learned not to let negative things and people affect my vibe and so far, it’s going pretty well. The past three weeks has been a mix and clash of so many things and to make it up, here’s what transcribed:


Lunch out with the whole team @ Kenny Roger’s.


Watched Goosebumps with my bestfriend x Thai food for lunch!


Visited my Grandpa’s brother @ Victoria, Laguna which has always been a peaceful place for me.


Stayed at our rest house in Tagaytay during the APEC week. The signal may have been really crappy, I can’t send a text properly and I didn’t have a decent connection to the internet as well, but I’ve had a really great time. It was such a great time to rest and unwind from all the things happening in the city. Plus, I’ve managed to finish reading two awesome books in just four days! It’s been a really long while since that happened and I’m very happy about it!


Also, we went to Ayala to eat lunch during our last day in Tagaytay and this shop caught my attention because it’s so pretty!

So, that’s just about it! I’m currently reading the last book in The Mortal Instruments series which is the City of Heavenly Fire. It’s quite a long read, over 700+ pages, I think, but I woke up one day and just wanted to know how Clary and Jace’s story will end. I’ve actually bought this the day it was released and I kept it in my shelf for a year because I didn’t think I was ready to end their story, but recently, I’ve been craving for the old Shadowhunter feeling so.

I’ll probably write a quick review about what I think about the two books I finished reading over the short vacation that I’ve had in the next few days, so until then, I’ll leave you with this cliche of a quote, but I’ve recently proven to be true:

“Not everything and everyone you lose is a loss.”