Christmas 2020

Merry Christmas, everyone! It seemed like only yesterday when I was writing my Christmas 2019 post. I can’t believe the year is coming to a close already! I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything, to be honest, because I had so many plans set for 2020, but we ended up being stuck at home. Hopefully, the coming year will give us more chance to go on adventures and explore new places!

When this post is published, I will probably be at my grandparents’ house in Tagaytay where we usually spend Christmas at. This year, we’re going for another Samgyupsal-inspired feast with a touch of the classic Filipino dish called Relyenong Bangus which we ordered from a seller from Malabon before going here. My grandfather couldn’t eat properly because he recently had to of his teeth extracted, that’s why we had to mix our Samgyupsal meal with some soft food.

Anyway, I’m sharing with you guys my Christmas 2020 outfit! Haha I took a photo before we left so that I can include it in this post. The dress I’m wearing is the one I bought from Zara in November and it’s really comfy and loose! The print is also very simple yet festive. I absolutely love it.image

I will most likely write another blog post specifically for this outfit. In the meantime, I hope you are all enjoying the holidays and your Christmas Eve feast.

What about you? How are you spending your holidays?


Yuletide Season 2019


Merry Christmas, everyone! I know this is a bit late and I’ve been on some kind of a hiatus for a couple of days without any warning post of sorts.

So maybe I owe everyone an explanation: My last work day of the year was on December 20 and that week was also the busiest as we’ve got a deadline to meet. It was also my first time staying up all night just to wait for our documents to be released.

After that week, it’s been my family’s tradition to spend Christmas at my grandparents’ house in Tagaytay. Aside from having limited access to the internet, we were all too busy preparing for Noche Buena and going places.

So setting all the explanation aside, I hope all of you have had an awesome Christmas! My cousins and I spent Christmas Eve watching Doctor Sleep while having a couple of drinks with my aunt and uncle over our DIY Samgyupsal.

Here’s a photo of what our little Noche Buena looked like:


#Christmas2016: Tagaytay

It’s been our family’s routine to celebrate Christmas in Tagaytay ever since our house there was built. I used to hate leaving home during that season since I grew up celebrating there, but I eventually got used to it as time passed by.

This year, we stayed home during the 24th and busied ourselves with the preparation. My aunt, godfather (my aunt’s husband), and I drank wine and tequila while waiting for 12mn. I used to drink twice a year and with them and with my friends during college week, but ever since I graduated, it has been reduced to once a year, and because I’m not that of a fan of drinking, really, that’s fine with me.

On the morning of the 25th, of course we heard mass and headed to Starbucks (since it’s the only cafe open at that time) for breakfast.

I was really excited to read the book my mom gave me for Christmas, which was Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur (read my review here). So I basically read a few pages before we head for the grocery to buy stuff we need for dinnertime at home. We also dropped by a few cute shops there!

And then we had lunch at this new steak house at Ayala Malls Serin, T-Bone King Steak & Grill. The place was kind of quiant and there are a lot of bible verses and God related quotes hanging around the place.

The food was amazing!  I had their local T-Bone steak and house iced tea and we shared a basket of nachos as well. It’s affordable and the food is delicious! So if you happen to stop by Tagaytay, drop by the place at Ayala Malls Serin!

Here’s our obligatory family photo to end this post.