Missing in Action

So where have I been in the past three weeks?!

I’ve been kind of busy with life lately. Trying to find myself in the midst of everything that happened this year and so far, I’m happy with the little things unfolding before my eyes and yesterday, I thanked God for all the things he has blessed me with, I know that what he took away is leading me to something better. It feels very calming to know that things have changed for the better and losing a few people isn’t always a bad thing.

I am currently enjoying every moment of my life and I’ve learned not to let negative things and people affect my vibe and so far, it’s going pretty well. The past three weeks has been a mix and clash of so many things and to make it up, here’s what transcribed:


Lunch out with the whole team @ Kenny Roger’s.


Watched Goosebumps with my bestfriend x Thai food for lunch!


Visited my Grandpa’s brother @ Victoria, Laguna which has always been a peaceful place for me.


Stayed at our rest house in Tagaytay during the APEC week. The signal may have been really crappy, I can’t send a text properly and I didn’t have a decent connection to the internet as well, but I’ve had a really great time. It was such a great time to rest and unwind from all the things happening in the city. Plus, I’ve managed to finish reading two awesome books in just four days! It’s been a really long while since that happened and I’m very happy about it!


Also, we went to Ayala to eat lunch during our last day in Tagaytay and this shop caught my attention because it’s so pretty!

So, that’s just about it! I’m currently reading the last book in The Mortal Instruments series which is the City of Heavenly Fire. It’s quite a long read, over 700+ pages, I think, but I woke up one day and just wanted to know how Clary and Jace’s story will end. I’ve actually bought this the day it was released and I kept it in my shelf for a year because I didn’t think I was ready to end their story, but recently, I’ve been craving for the old Shadowhunter feeling so.

I’ll probably write a quick review about what I think about the two books I finished reading over the short vacation that I’ve had in the next few days, so until then, I’ll leave you with this cliche of a quote, but I’ve recently proven to be true:

“Not everything and everyone you lose is a loss.”


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