Witch Hour

As kids, we were told that 3 a.m. is that time of the night when our human bodies are at low tide and our blood moves slower than usual. While, on the other hand, it is the time when the witches and demons are at their most powerful state because it is said that the thin line between our world and the “other side” is pulled aside at 3 a.m.

While most of us are sleeping soundly at this time, folklore also suggests that our dreams are a form of communication with the supernatural and are potentially dangerous. I’ve even read somewhere that most people in hospitals die at this hour.

But as we grow up, the witch hour turns out to be that time in the morning when he picks you up and offers to hold your bag for you.

It’s that time in the day when he kisses your forehead and tells you how much he loves you.

It’s that time in the afternoon when he walks you home or texts you good night.

It’s that point in your life when he stops doing all those things with you as you realize that he’s already found someone else to spend his time with just as how he used to spend it with you.

You see, the devil doesn’t always look as bad. He doesn’t always have horns, or fangs, or a tail. Most of the time, he looks exactly how you’d picture an angel to be.


Candor: An Ongoing Process

One thing that I am continuously learning from my relationship is that it is always better to love with your whole heart than to contain your feelings as if they are your own prisoner.

I know it’s difficult to openly express your feelings for someone and be transparent with them as it may seem like you’re setting yourself up for getting your heart broken, but when you come to think of it (and do think of it), you might end up breaking it, too, when you keep bottling up your feelings.

I always tend to overthink things and loving someone whole-heartedly without any constraints or reservations is an ongoing process for me — but with the right person, it is worth taking the risk.

So, go on with the process of setting aside your fears. You’ll be surprised how easy and natural it feels to show your person how much you love them.

And if you still get your heart broken in the end, at least you know you’ve done your part and, I think, that’s what’s important — that will always be enough.


We are two different people.
You’re bold and I’m almost always hesitant,
you’re outgoing and I’m shy around other people,
you’re quiet and I talk endlessyly about everything.
It’s crazy how sometimes the most contradicting thing
create beauty when collided.

You speak your mind out, frankly but tenderly at the same time
and I keep mine shut, I don’t share what I feel deep inside,
but I do pour everything out on paper.

You never fail to remind me that storms don’t last forever,
and that I can handle every challenge that comes my way.
You’ve always been the one who pushes me to do good–better.
You’ve always been the only one who believes in me when I keep doubting myself.
Your love has been my strength when I am weak.

We are different–opposites in so many ways.
Our thoughts, our views, the way we listen and understand,
the way we think and learn but what’s important is that we let each other in.
We accept each other’s difference–wholly.
We are so different, but damn, do we love each other.

Maybe it doesn’t matter that we’re so different,
maybe what matters is how at the end of each day,
all we wanna do is be with each other and share our thoughts.
no matter how different and opposite they are.
Maybe opposites do attract each other;
and maybe being two completely different person is a good thing,
because then we could fight for each other and find more ways to love each other.

You Are My Moon, My Sun and All of My Stars

You are my entire galaxy – everything about you is scattered all over my mind when we’re apart and I can’t seem to shake them off, and I don’t want to. I do not know when it all started, all I know is that I can never get you out of my system. Every time we’re apart, all I wanna do is be right next to you.

Time has flown so quickly. I lost count of how many times I’ve told you how thankful I am to have you and I don’t care. I will tell you everyday if I have to, I just want you to know that you are honestly one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me this year, and in my whole life. I’ve waited so long for someone to love me so genuinely, not knowing that I’ve already crossed paths with him long ago.

You are a touch of heaven on earth and I will love and love and love you and as long as you’re staying, I will never let you go. 

13 days, 136 deaths

Remember when I swore that I will be watching, I will be attentive and I will speak my mind out no matter what? So, well, here goes. 

It’s only been a few days and there have already been numerous deaths and some of the people killed weren’t even drug dealers nor users. I just hate the idea that seeing dead bodies on the streets is the new norm. I can’t decipher how some people can even say, “Dapat lang yan sakanila.” All of you just aren’t concerned nor affected by these rampant killings until it happens or involves a friend, a relative or someone you care about. That’s what’s bringing this country down, not the leaders. And another thing that also frustrates me is that we forgot all about due process and the right of people to defend themselves from something they are accused of in exchange to what we now call “Du process.” 

Let’s be real, I know that there are other things in his platform that make actual sense and that some of his projects are for the betterment of the country, but these killings, these deaths, I very much disagree to it. Yes, I am one of those people who strongly despise snatchers, hold-uppers, rapists, illegal drug dealers and users, but do we really need to kill in order to lessen the crime? 

Is this really the kind of justice we seek?

The Last of Gilas Pilipinas 4.0


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Gilas Pilipinas’ journey to compete in the Rio Olympics ended with a heartbreaking loss to New Zealand, 89-80.

It only seemed like it was yesterday when we were all busy updating ourselves with how the practices were going, feeding ourselves with video clips we see online, watching Kuwentong Gilas, reading articles, etc. We were all very excited for the Qualifiers and we were all hopeful that they will make it to the semis.


Seeing both games firsthand was heartbreaking. I saw how devastated and disappointed they are of the outcomes. It was honestly those behind the camera moments that tears my heart. The first night was saddening, the players all went out of the Arena with bowed heads. I can feel their pain, but there was still an ounce of hope left. I remember Coach Compton stopping in front of the crowd saying, “May pag-asa pa tayo. Laban lang.” It was honestly very encouraging and it gave people hope.


The second night, we all went there with high hopes and full of positivity. From the moment the game started, New Zealand already made it clear that they will fight hard for the win. Gilas Pilipinas were already struggling. When they lowered the lead to two, everyone was screaming and cheering, but again, New Zealand had a different plan. When the buzzer rang and it was clear that the game was over, our players went to the middle of the court. Some of the people already left, but others, those who are truly supporting the team stayed and applauded the team despite the fall. Some were still shouting “Laban Pilipinas! PUSO!” And it made my heart melt. It was really what the players needed at the time.

Most of the fans waited outside to greet and see the players. All Gilas Pilipinas wanted was some time alone, but their fans just can’t seem to let them go. We all know how painful and hard it was for them to accept the loss, it was painful for us and it sure as hell hurt more for them.

I remember Jeff Chan, Marc Pingris, and Ranidel de Ocampo constantly apologizing to the people for falling short and it breaks my heart to see and hear them so sad about it. They all did their best, all we need is more practice and more international experience. I don’t know where the haters are coming from but I am still so proud of this team, no matter what.

Gabe Norwood didn’t get off the bus while his teammates did. He just sat there, head bowed down. I remember my friend and I calling him, he looked at us as we gestured that it was okay and “PUSO,” he just half-smiled and bowed his head as he wiped his tears away. It hurt. It broke our hearts.

To the Gilas Pilipinas, please know that you don’t have to apologize, your true supporters know that you all did your best. There will be other opportunities, but for now, all I can say is, I am still so proud of all of you. Laban lang ng laban! Pagsubok lang to, Pilipino tayo.

Gilas Pilipinas 4.0


Tonight, the Gilas Pilipinas Final 12 has been announced. It’s been one crazy roller coaster ride for these boys since training started last November. A lot of people have been and are still doubting the team, and it just saddens me that instead of supporting them, people are too busy  criticizing the choices of the coaches.

I am, honestly, really sad that Calvin Abueva didn’t make it to the final 12, I’d rather choose him over some of the players that were chosen, yes, but still, I know Coach Tab has a reason for choosing these men and if he trust them enough, why would I not? No matter what happens, I will always support whoever is in the team. One country, one scream, Laban Pilipinas! Puso!

I am so excited to see you all! Practice well, whatever happens, I’ll be here, cheering and supporting all of you until the end.

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Derrick Rose to Knicks

“The Knicks acquired Derrick Rose from the Bulls on Wednesday, hoping the former NBA MVP can be their answer at point guard.” – ESPN

Darn it, I know how sad you really are about being traded to another team and I know how much you love and don’t want to leave the Bulls, but maybe a fresh start is exactly what we need, D. Do good, improve more and prove them all wrong. I’ll be cheering and supporting you from across the globe, always. Love you and I’m so excited to watch you play for the Knicks next season!

Now, the Bulls would have to say goodbye to their “Windy City Assassin” because I bet they’ll never have one like you, e v e r.