What are you most afraid of?

There is another me in a different dimension where I do not feel like this. Another dimension where my heart fits perfectly into my chest and I am not afraid of the things that make me feel alive.

It sucks that I live in this world where everything feels like it’s going to tear me apart. It’s like I’m always waiting for something to snap — for the sky to fall, for the ground to break, for myself to keep falling into an infinite abyss — always waiting for something to crash.

Love taught me that at one point in time, everyone I’ve ever loved had taken a part of me and nothing will ever be left for myself but the bruises, scars, and burns. Continue reading


Beautifully written articles are my inspiration to chase after my dream of inspiring the world with my thoughts. I just love stumbling over a blog with great content, and having to read how they started always gives me hope that one day my dream will come true.

I may not have taken up journalism, nor will I be one of the greatest journalist and/or writer, but having to inspire people with this blog will always be enough for me.