Farewell, Lolo Jo

Last Friday, we were shocked with another heart-breaking news. Another person who was very dear to our family passed away.

Lolo Joe was my grandfather’s uncle, his mom’s brother. Last May, we got the news that he was very ill and was having a hard time eating. He was confined in the hospital for weeks but was also discharged. I remember how relieved we all were when he was finally discharged, we visit him almost every week in their house at BF until he was confined again and undergone an operation. The operation was successful and for a moment, we all thought he was getting better, he even gained weight.

So last Friday, September 25, two weeks after his operation, I was at the salon and was having my hair done which was an annual routine for me, and then I got a message from my mom that Lolo Joe is, again, badly ill. I informed my hairstylist that I wouldn’t have my hair colored anymore. My grandparents just got to our rest house in Tagaytay that morning and was rushing back home right after they got the news. At around 11:40, my mom texted me again and told me that he’s already gone. I was so teary-eyed at the salon. I went home crying because the last time I saw him was at the hospital, after his operation. We all thought he was getting better.

I hated myself for being so selfish because I didn’t want him to die even when I know that he’s already too tired. A hundred years really is something. I know he misses his parents, his sister and wife, but I seriously wasn’t ready to lose him.

Lolo Joe, I know you’re happy now and I’m sorry that it took me a hard time to really let you go. We miss you, we miss you so much it hurts. We miss you everyday. Rest in peace, Lolo. See you soon.


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