When the list of members for the Gilas 3.0 were out, everyone doubted this team, everyone kept looking for other players from the 2.0 team two years ago. Yes, I loved Gilas 2.0, but I love this team just as much. I never doubted you guys since day 1. Each and everyone of you were what the team needed and with the help of the right and awesome coach.

As the FIBA Asia 2015 began, you never failed to prove to everyone who doubted you that by having the strongest hearts and the biggest faith, you can do it, that you can fight until the end. It was such a happy feeling for me that you have come so far. You are truly our heroes.

You may have not brought home the gold and you may think that you guys ‘fell short’, but to me, to us, you guys are the real Champions. Silver may not be as good to you as gold, but believe me, you have earned so much more than what ‘gold’ is made of. You earned the respect and hearts of almost every Filipino in different parts of the world.

I may be just one of the millions of fans out there, but I just want to let you all know how proud I am of everything you’ve accomplished. You’ve been through so much since you left the country and now that you’re back, please know that your journey has just started.

We all know what happened back in China and let us not talk about it no more, let’s just use this experience as motivation to win next time!


Walang bibitaw, walang susuko. Laban Pilipinas! PUSO!

Photo: FIBA


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