Farewell, Tito Aries

Yesterday was such a shock to all of us. We lost a very good friend, an awesome person and a strong, undaunted investigative reporter.

I have always looked up to you for being so fearless when it comes to knowing the truth. I have always loved writing but when I met you and learned the way you write your articles and reports, I’ve been much more eager to be just like you. It was just too bad that I didn’t take up Journalism.

You were such a blessing to everyone around you. You were always willing to help in every way you can, you’d go out of your way when one of your friends needs someone to talk to, you’re truly one of a kind. You were such a good person and I guess, it’s true that good people go to heaven early.

You’re only 45, so, so young. Death stole you too soon. You’re still having the time of your life, we’re still learning from everything you impart. Everyone misses you already, Tito Aries.

We went to your wake this afternoon. The first time I looked at you inside the coffin, I was still hoping that everyone would start laughing and tell me that this was all a bad joke, but none of it ever happened. You’re really gone. When I was about to turn my back on you and walk towards the nearest chair, for a second, for a split second I thought your lips curled into a smile and that immediately made me look at you again. You looked as if you were just sleeping and playing a big bad joke on us. My mom, beside me, said, “Aries, gising na. Ang haba na ng tulog mo.” And again, for a split second I thought your eyes moved a bit and if I was in a different person’s wake, I would literally run out, screaming, but with you, I didn’t get scared. I actually wanted you to wake up. I really wanted to believe that you were just sleeping but you weren’t. Everyday, I would have to convince myself that you are gone…

I know you’re going to be safe and happy up there, but it just hurts to lose someone like you. But with all that being said, I thank you for being one of my strongest inspiration when it comes to writing. Thank you for simply existing. Everyone who knew you are blessed. This isn’t goodbye, we’ll see you again in the next lifetime, Tito Aries! And while we’re waiting, when you finally get to heaven, please write a story of how beautiful it is in person. I’ll read it when I get there! Have a safe trip to heaven, Tito! ❤


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