We are two different people.
You’re bold and I’m almost always hesitant,
you’re outgoing and I’m shy around other people,
you’re quiet and I talk endlessyly about everything.
It’s crazy how sometimes the most contradicting thing
create beauty when collided.

You speak your mind out, frankly but tenderly at the same time
and I keep mine shut, I don’t share what I feel deep inside,
but I do pour everything out on paper.

You never fail to remind me that storms don’t last forever,
and that I can handle every challenge that comes my way.
You’ve always been the one who pushes me to do good–better.
You’ve always been the only one who believes in me when I keep doubting myself.
Your love has been my strength when I am weak.

We are different–opposites in so many ways.
Our thoughts, our views, the way we listen and understand,
the way we think and learn but what’s important is that we let each other in.
We accept each other’s difference–wholly.
We are so different, but damn, do we love each other.

Maybe it doesn’t matter that we’re so different,
maybe what matters is how at the end of each day,
all we wanna do is be with each other and share our thoughts.
no matter how different and opposite they are.
Maybe opposites do attract each other;
and maybe being two completely different person is a good thing,
because then we could fight for each other and find more ways to love each other.


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