I Want You In Every Way Possible


I want you because you put my heart at peace the way the sky calms me. The sky
used to be my favorite thing to stare at until I met you.

I want you in the brightness of the day, when it’s 9 a.m. on a Saturday and
you’re arms are wrapped around me while we’re both tangled up in the sheets and
unable to escape. I want you in your sleepy voice saying, ‘don’t go yet’ as I
try to get out of bed.

I want you in the darkness and blackness of the night, when it’s 10 p.m. and our
eyes are both heavy and unable to resist sleep. I want you in the in between
whispers of ‘I love you’ and ‘don’t ever leave.’ I want your random hugs that
just catches me off-guard.

I want you in the heat of the summer when we’re walking hand in hand down the
streets of wherever our feet takes us. And though I’m not a big fan of ‘holding
hands,’ I will let you hold mine and let our palms get sweaty from grasping
each other’s hand so tight. But most importantly, I will let you hold my heart
as well.

I want you in the angry outbursts with frustration all over your eyes, knowing
that when you cool down, we will work things out and talk it over until it’s
not a problem anymore.

I want you in the romance of it all, the stolen kisses and the random hugs. And
despite my issues that you know all too well, it’s confusing that I want them,
but I do.

I want you despite my fears and over-thinking nights, knowing that I could ask
you anytime about it but won’t because that’s just me. But you’ll tell me
anyway because you know it’s inside my head and bothering me.

I want you even in the hard times, most especially then. When doubt consumes the
hell out of me. I want you because loving you has been a slow learning process
of falling in love piece by piece. I want you because despite my love for words
and writing, being with you makes me lose all of my words. You leave me unable
to construct even a simple sentence that could describe this feeling I have for
you and it scares me because I am not used to not knowing what to say.

I want you because without me even knowing, you taught me how to trust and love
again, in the most beautiful way possible. I want you because you have always
been honest with me and I will always, always thank God for blessing me with
someone like you.


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