I’m Not Sure of Anything

I was never sure of anything and I don’t think I ever will be, but damn, I am so sure of you.

I’m not sure if writing really is the thing I’m good at, but I’m sure I want you to read everything I write. Every once in a while, I question myself if I really am good at writing and I always end up thinking of you and how you always say you love reading my articles and I know I can never stop writing because of you.

I’m not sure my opinions matter, but I want you to hear it anyway. I always have a lot of things bottled up in my head and I was never comfortable in sharing it with anyone, but when you came, I was so sure I want to tell you everything. It’s just a matter of time before I pour every damn thought I have for you to hear it, but I’m slowly learning to let it out. For you.

I’m not sure how each day would turn out, but I’m sure I want to talk to you about it. Waking up in the morning has always been a struggle, but knowing that I would be able to talk to you about how bad or great my days are at the end of the day keeps me going.

I’m not sure where I’m going to be five or 10 years from now, but I’m sure I wanna be there with you. I don’t know what the future holds and where I would end up, but I know I want you to be there with me, wherever “there” is.

I’m not sure what will happen between us, but I’m sure you’re worth all the risk. I can’t really tell what the future holds for us, but I know we’ll do everything in our power to make things work. We can’t tell if you’re going to break my heart or not, but right now, I know you make my heart whole.

I’m not sure of a lot of things, but one thing I’m sure of is that I want to wake up one day, with you beside me. I’m not sure if happy endings do exist, but I’m so damn sure that I want you to be my happily ever after. I’m sure you’re worth fighting for.


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