RE: RH Bill

So we tackled the said bill earlier in our Profeth class.

One of our classmates said that he is Pro RH Bill, because for him, it will help the Philippines grow, that the Philippines should let go of the tradition we have and move on, because as of now, the Philippines isn’t moving forward. Which I think is true, he has a point. Because the Bill isn’t mainly about ‘killing babies’, as to what others claim. Looking at the bright side, it will help lessen the population of the Philippines, which is continuously growing through the years. There are also Sex Education for the teenagers, so that they would know what is right and just. It is helping the economy and the country grow as a whole. Our Prof said, we are not sure that RH Bill is the key to the problem. But for me, we should give it a try, right? Since he mentioned that we aren’t sure if it is the key to the problem but how would we know if we don’t try.

On the other hand, our Prof also has a point when he said that the people in the higher position who wanted to make this a law will only benefit on it. As long as money is involved, their concern will always be focused on it. Plus, he also stated that young adults will just abuse the legalization of the bill.

Note that I’m not really Pro nor Anti the Bill. Just looking at both side and both views have a point.


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