National Bookstore’s Book Blowout

Bookstore sales and secondhand bookstores are one of the most beautiful things on earth for a bookworm like me, and one of the leading bookstores in the Philippines just announced that they will hold their annual book blowout event in all of their Metro Manila branches!

I’ve seen a lot of awesome titles being posted around the web by my fellow bookworms. As for me, I don’t plan on buying any new books as I haven’t read most of the books I bought and received in the past couple of months, but when my boyfriend and I visited NBS’s Greenbelt 1 branch, I just couldn’t resist. I mean, these books are so cheap, I just needed to get them!

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Went to the 37th Manila International Book Fair last Sunday with my cousin! After so many years of planning to go, I finally got the chance to! Finally, you guys! It was crazy inside because there are so many people since it’s the last day of the event, but it was an awesome experience nevertheless.


We only spent an hour or so inside. The lines were so long (so so so so long!!! and I’m not even overreacting) that it took us 30 minutes before we were able to pay for our books inside the Fullybooked booth! After paying, we tried roaming around just so we could see other booths and bookish events happening at the time. We also grabbed a copy of the MIBF map since my cousin wanted a remembrance from the event.


I personally loved this booth with all those hugot lines hanging above the place.


There are actually A LOT of people inside and it’s really hard to walk or overtake from anyone. My brother actually came inside with us, but we lost him somewhere, so he decided to go and just wait for us outside.


The only selfie we got from inside and I just realized that there aren’t any sight of books in the background from where we took the picture. *sad*


Here’s my very small MIBF book haul!

I can’t wait to start reading them but at the moment, I’m currently reading The Could Searchers (Amulet, #3) by Kazu Kibuishi! It’s a graphic novel and I’m so happy that I’m finally catching up with all the graphic novel series I’ve started reading last year. Yas. *hearts everywhere*