Chocolate Hills

Chocolate Hills, Carmen, Bohol, Philippines, 2022

Chocolate Hills is one of the places that I never thought I’d see and visit. As a kid, I’ve only seen this in my textbooks as it’s probably the well-known landmark of Bohol back in the day. Once, years ago, there was news that the hills were growing smaller for some reason and I thought, oh, no, I probably wouldn’t be able to see them as beautiful as it once was.

Come 2022, Norman asked me which place we’d go and visit on his birthday. It was a bit too late to organize an international trip + we just got married and spent our honeymoon in Boracay, so we didn’t have a huge budget. I suggested that we go to Bohol because aside from Chocolate Hills, the reefs in Bohol, particularly in Panglao Island, is very beautiful and perfect for our fun diving sessions.

Anyway, when we went atop the stairs to get a good view at the Chocolate Hills, I was mesmerized. I never thought I’d appreciate it as much as I did when were there. These photos couldn’t give justice to how beautiful the view was.


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