Honeymoon at Boracay Island


We knew that we wanted to have our honeymoon after the wedding so we can relax after all the tiresome craziness that is wedding planning. During the early days of the preparation period, the hubs wanted to go to Maldives, but given the situation with the pandemic where nothing seems to final because of the changes in restrictions, we didn’t opt to push for an international flight and went for a domestic adventure instead.

Where We Went & Stayed

A little back story, we booked a week-long stay at Siargao in November of last year, but, alas, on December of 2021, Siargao Island along with other nearby islands and provinces were badly hit and damaged by a typhoon. We had to let it go because we really wanted to go on this trip before going back to work. We have a list of places we wanted to go to, but during that time, most of them are either closed because of the typhoon or closed because of flight and entry restrictions due to the pandemic. The only accessible from our list was Boracay, and since we both haven’t been to Boracay yet, we grabbed the opportunity and booked a week-long stay at Henann Palm Beach Resort which is situated at Station 2 and is actually the epicenter of the island and we have to admit, it’s not cheap, but it was 100% worth it.


Our Travel Experience + Activities

As I’ve mentioned, booking at Henann Palm Beach Resort was 100% worth it because 1.) we didn’t have to worry about the transfers from Caticlan Airport to Boracay Island, 2.) the staff was very accommodating and friendly, 3.) the place was safe, clean, and spacious. To add to that, the food was also exquisite — we definitely enjoyed their pasta, fries, and fruit shakes! I also personally loved their house frozen margarita. ♡


As for the activities, we did almost everything. On our first day, we decided to use the time to chill, relax, and familiarize with the island. We also had a very relaxing body massage at the pool side! On the succeeding days, we did island hopping, snorkeling, cliff diving, paddle boarding, scuba diving (twice!), and parasailing. We were also supposed to do the UFO, but my back was already sore from cliff diving and paddle boarding that we ended up scuba diving again. We also went bar hopping! image
Funny story, on our first scuba dive, our GoPro was damaged and didn’t open anymore. The hubs decided that maybe it’s to upgrade from Hero 7 to Hero 9. So we bought a new one from D-Mall — good thing there was a branch of The Loop there!

Favorite Food Stops

Overall, we had so much fun during our stay. It was a week-long adventure, relaxation, and pigging out for the both of us before we went back to the reality of working. Before I end this post, I wanted to mention the food spots that we found while we were there (not going to include Henann Palm Beach Resort’s food as I’ve already mentioned it above):

Calypso Beach & Dive Resort:

We honestly loved it here, it’s probably our favorite place to dine in for dinner until their closing time because of their daily performers! Super chill. I personally loved their Calypso Baileys drink and strawberry milkshake! The hubs and I enjoyed their pizza flavors especially Sensi.

image(Strawberry Margarita; Tequila Sunrise)


image(Mixed berries milkshake; mango shake)

image(Calypso Baileys; Sex on the Beach)

The Sunny Side Cafe

I love coffee and I love cafes! This place is so aesthetic I loved going back to them. My personal favorite is their Vietnamese Iced Latte, but their Affogato is a close second.

(It’s Not You, It’s Me; Vietnamese Iced Latte)


image(Chori Burger)

Uptown Boracay

I did mention that we went bar hopping, right? So aside from Calypso, we also discovered Uptown. They have nice bands that perform as well, but Calypso is still our most favorite. My personal favorite drink here is their tequila sunrise!

image(Bucket of beer + Tanduay Ice; Frozen Margarita)

image(Mojito, Tequila Sunrise)

Kusina Bistro

During one of our strolls, someone offered for us to dine at this place and their menu was very Pinoy and also very cheap as well, so we caved. We enjoyed both their sizzling pusit and sisig!

image(Sizzling pusit; sisig)

Cha Cha’s Boracay

We also found this place while on our way back to Henann, so of course, we had to try their cocktails! I never thought I’d enjoy Pina Colada, but this is my favorite by far.

image(Pina Colada; Beach Fuel)

Crown Regency

Found this place while strolling and their prices are very cheap compared to others, and we absolutely enjoyed their crispy pork sinigang. I also loved muching on their onion rings, which I didn’t have a photo of.image

(Crispy pork sinigang)

Puka Beach

Our tour guide brought us to this carinderia type of place in Puka Beach which served the best banana fruit shake I’ve ever tasted. It’s one of the nearest from the beach area. They also sell different kinds of viands, meryenda, and pasalubongs such as anklets, earrings, and bracelets.

Ciao! And until our next adventure! ♡


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