My Perfect Wedding


It has been almost a month since we entered the married life, I can still remember every detail of our wedding vividly in my head. To be perfectly honest, I was really anxious during the days leading up to the big day and there are times when I feel emotional whenever the thought of having to leave the place where I lived in for 27 years comes to mind. The night before the wedding, we were checked in at a hotel in Tagaytay and I was literally tossing and turning in my hotel bed — I couldn’t sleep at all and I was having mixed emotions; I was happy, excited, and ecstatic, but I was also nervous, anxious, and a little bit emotional. Good thing I asked everyone to leave my room early, so that I can try and fall asleep early as well because my call time was 3 AM — I think I finally fell asleep at around 12 midnight.

(HMUA by Makeup by Yniari; Sleepwear from @wear_paj on Instagram)

I ended up waking up earlier than my alarm and thought that I couldn’t go back to sleep, so I started preparing and made a last look at all the things that will be endorsed to our coordinator, just to make sure that all of it have labels. My hair and makeup artist arrived earlier than expected, so they had extra time to set up inside my room. When they started doing my makeup, everything just went fast-paced — after the makeup, the next thing I knew, I was out with my photographer and doing random shoots inside my room, at the balcony, at the reception area, at the garden, etc. Soon after, I was asked to change into my wedding gown and this was the moment when I started getting anxious and nervous once again. Everyone in the room was teary-eyed (my mom, my aunt, my maid of honor), and I jokingly said, “Oy, wag kayong iiyak dito ha.” 

(Gown by Lauren Vito Design; Accessories from @pagmaya_ph on Instagram; bridal bouquet by Edgar Noveno)

Everything felt like it was going three times faster, like watching a film in fast-forward and then it was time to leave the hotel. Inside the bridal car, I was very anxious. I didn’t want anyone to ride with me except the bridal coordinator. My coordinator gave me my phone and there were so many messages for me which I didn’t have time to read at the time, but I did leave a message to my high school friends via our Facebook group chat, “On the way na ako,” and then I switched my mobile data off and returned my phone to my coordinator. My heart was beating so loud that the driver and my coordinator can probably hear it.


During my bridal march, I couldn’t even hear my bridal song because of the loud thundering of my heart in my chest. It’s funny because Norman and I wanted this to be sung perfectly and we asked all of the churches where we inquired in if they allow that the bridal song is not a Christian song. It was basically non-negotiable (if you’re wondering what the song is, it’s Speechless by Dan + Shay ♡).


The ceremony felt like more fast-forwarded than the prep shoot at the hotel. I feel like it was just seconds when we were asked to sit in front of the altar, and the next thing I knew, the priest said, “You may now kiss the bride.”

(Groom’s suit by Arvox Tailoring)

The reception was also a mixture of emotions, I honestly ended the day with quite a headache because of laughing at one moment and crying the next. Truly, it was the perfect wedding — it was my dream wedding and I couldn’t have asked for more.


Our happily ever after has begun and we’re making the most out of it. I love you forever, for real, Norman. ♡


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