Eureka! Moment #3: Dalgona Coffee


If you’re following me on Twitter or Instagram you would probably know that I love coffee. My day wouldn’t be complete without drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, not only does it keep me awake, it also gives me the energy to get things done.

At this time, I couldn’t get may usual Starbucks or Tim Hortons or Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf fix because of obvious quarantine reasons. I intensely miss having a cup of Starbucks’ Caramel Macchiato (sometimes White Chocolate Mocha) or Tim Hortons’ infamous iced coffee with your choice of flavoring (i.e., caramel, mocha, or vanilla).

Then, I found out about Dalgona coffee from Erwan Heussaff’s vlog. Since I feel like my daily intake of instant coffee seems a little boring, I scoured the house for ingredients and tried jumping into the #dalgonacraze.

At first, I was really frustrated because I can’t make it as frothy as the one in the photos that I see online and my throat hurts from trying it everyday (because, yes, it’s really sweet). It’s really tiring to make since I don’t have a mixer, so my hand-whipping skills were also challenged.

Eventually, after a few weeks of doing it, I was contented on how it looks. So here’s the finished product:





3 thoughts on “Eureka! Moment #3: Dalgona Coffee

  1. Dalgona coffee is a huge trend nowadays, especially with the pandemic. How did yours taste? My sister made some for us, and while it looked aesthetically-pleasing, the coffee itself was actually mediocre. It’s all part of the process, though!


    • I’ve been seeing a lot of feedback like that, too. I liked how mine turned out, though. I just had a really hard time making it as frothy as the ones I see in videos. 🙂

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