What I Wore #6: On Most Days, I Wear Pink


For those of you who have visited or stumbled upon my blog at least once or twice, you probably noticed that I have a soft spot for the color pink. It’s been my favorite ever since I was a kid and I have never really outgrown my love for it, even today (obviously). Most of my things are pink, even the walls of my room and my door.

So for this episode of What I Wore, I’m wear a top that is in one of my favorite shades of pink. I bought it from an online thrift shop in Shopee and I just love it. I got it for such a cheap price and the quality is still amazing. After this lockdown, I will definitely order from that shop again.


These were taken at Greenbelt 3 on March 13. The last “regular day,” before the quarantine period started.

imageTop: Thrifted from Shopee / Skater skirt: H&M / Sneakers: Converse / Bag: Uniqlo


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