What I Wore #1: Christmas Party 2019


Hey, everyone! I’m back with another series to launch on this little space of mine. I’ve been thinking about this series for quite some time now, and I think it’s just fitting to introduce my very own What I Wore segment in my website since my inspiration for blogging are fashion bloggers like Kryz Uy, Tricia Gosingtian, etc (as mentioned in this post).

So for my pilot episode, I’m going to show you what I wore on our Christmas Party on December 13. The theme was “slumber party,” so as expected, everyone was wearing their jammies. To add a little spice in our outfit, our team pegged the Disney princesses wearing their PJs.

Of course, I chose to peg Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) because she was the one wearing a pink dress. You may refer to the image below to see what she wore on the Disney princesses slumber party (Wreck It Ralph 2):

And this is what I wore:


I couldn’t find a pullover with the exact stripes that she has in the photo, so I just opted to buy something that is pink. I only bought it from an online store for just about 300+ pesos. For the bottoms, I just wore my favorite pair of leggings.


In this one, I’m still wearing my sneakers, but during the party, I wore a pink bedroom slippers that’s the same shade as my sweater.



To top it off, I wore a princess crown!


Also, to match with my outfit, here’s what my boyfriend wore:



At the end of the night, I was “crowned” Ms. Dream Girl a.k.a. Best Dressed. Yay!


Ending this post with this happy photo of us:


Credits: All photos are taken by my boyfriend.


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