Book Review: Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell


Rating: ★★★
Read: September 2013

Eleanor was this new girl in town and she has a very complicated life. With her Mom being too scared to stand for them, her siblings who’ve changed since the last time she saw them and her very awful evil stepfather. Plus, the way she dresses caught all the bullies’ attention in her new school. Great, just great. And the she met Park. And somehow, things got even more complicated… but still beautiful.

I loved this book! I knew I had to read it the moment I read the excerpt from goodreads. I loved how the story reminds us of how awkward it felt when we first held hands with our first love and how it confusing and weird the feeling was.

I admire Eleanor’s character. How strong and true she is. She doesn’t try to be someone else and she tries to ignore what everyone says about her. And Park, I loved how he somehow changed throughout the who story. He is just so adorable! I love how he was willing to get in all those trouble just to protect Eleanor.

This is a really great book! I find the pacing a bit slow during the first few chapters but still… I loved it so much! I really recommend this book to everyone.


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