No Words

Last night, as I was fixing my stuff and preparing to leave the office, one of my co-workers was distracting me jokingly and I even joked around with him, until he said, and I shall quote, “Para kang yung mga tao sa Facebook eh, nahawakan lang ng konti, rape agad?” It was actually off and I actually didn’t know how to respond because it was really out of the topic. All I came up with was “wow.” It’s really crazy how some people think that way. I mean, are we, women, seriously not allowed to feel offended or harassed when someone, especially a stranger, touch us sexually? Even a simple stare could mean something, for chrissake. No words can express how disappointed I am at people who doesn’t take this issue seriously.

I’ve always been vocal on my Twitter and Facebook account about catcalling for I cannot fully grasp or understand how some people (even women) seem to be okay with it. It’s really so disappointing how some people even say that those who claim to have been sexually harassed and/or catcalled are just over-reacting and looking for attention.

For the past few days, I have been avoiding posts and topics regarding that issue. I’m tired of trying to understand why some people still argue whether catcalling and wolf-whistling is okay or not. It is very wrong in all aspects, yet some people still defend it and even use “freedom of expression” as an excuse to do it. It’s very disheartening and I am this close to losing faith in humanity.

Regardless of gender, catcalling will always be a form of sexual harassment and that is a fact we cannot shake.


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