March 28, 2016: Twenty Second


I can’t believe that just like that, it’s already been 22 years. Looking back, it seems like it was only yesterday when I keep complaining about how school is stressing the shit out of me and now, it’s been almost two years since I graduated and I’m still finding myself and learning so many things about life and the ‘real’ world.

It just feels so crazy looking back at how long I’ve been roaming this world and what’s crazier is that I don’t feel that it’s been that long already. Twenty two years. Wow, I’ve been through a lot and I can’t imagine that somehow, I survived everything and I’m still about to face so much more. With that, I’ve compiled 22 things I’ve learned and here they are:

  1. You don’t have to have it all figured out. Your 20s is all about enjoying life, exploring and learning new things.
  2. Cut out toxic people in your life. If they keep trying to pull you down, you don’t need them.
  3. Invest in relationships worth investing. If these people support you and help you grow as a person, keep them and further nurture your relationship with them. Family, friends, colleagues, boyfriend/girlfriend.
  4. Always think positive.
  5. What others think of you isn’t important. It’s none of your business and it should not drag you down.
  6. Your failures doesn’t define you, what defines you is how you stood up and tried again.
  7. Never compare your experiences with others’.
  8. Pursue your passion. Always do what you think is best for you, if it doesn’t go as planned, who cares? The thing is, you tried.
  9. Never be terrified of taking a break from the rest of the world.
  10. You cannot please everyone. You will be criticized and judged in everything you do, just accept it and continue to do things that will make you and your loved ones happy.
  11. Let yourself be heard.
  12. Do not let the negativity of the world consume you.
  13. Always trust your instincts.
  14. Learn from your mistakes. There is no point in regretting what is already said and done.
  15. Always take a moment to stop and notice the little things that can make you happy.
  16. Stop thinking too much of the future and live in the ‘now’.
  17. If it makes you happy, do it.
  18. It’s never a bad thing to put yourself first.
  19. It’s never too late to start anew.
  20. When God closes a window, know that he is about to open a gate.
  21. No obstacle is ever too hard when you have faith in Him.
  22. The only constant thing in this world is change and all we have to do is accept all the changes and keep moving forward. We may usually not see it clearer at the moment, but rest assured, it’s all for the best.

There are really no words to describe how blessed and thankful I feel to be surrounded by awesome people. I cannot really pinpoint when and where it started, and how, but somehow, I woke up one day with a big smile on my face and realized that there are so many things to be thankful about. Truly, God always has a better plan for each and every downfall. I woke up one day and despite the stress, I know that I am happy and that this is all worth the wait and the struggle and the hurt. I finally understood, I finally know who and what I am waking up for. I may not have it all figured out yet, but I know that I will, soon.


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