My First Book Signing Event!

So yesterday was the first ever book signing event I attended, since I wasn’t really active in such events before. But a few months ago, I have been reading book blogs and read a lot of exciting bookish events. Ever since, I really wanted to go to events, plus I actually want to meet my fellow book bloggers and be friends with them. We actually got there at around 10:15, and whoa, I was already the 107th person to register!! And to think that the mall has just opened at the time.

At around 4PM exactly, National Bookstore was filled with excited Kiera fans! Everyone was actually screaming when Kiera appeared in front of us and, I assumed, she was actually touched by the crowd’s warm welcome because she was teary-eyed! There was a short interview before the actual signing started, and four people had the chance to ask her a question. I was so speechless since she was just a few steps in front of me.


© Stay Bookish

It took an hour and 30 minutes before I actually had my books signed. I am still thankful for being the 107th person. Holy guacamole, there were 600+ people in there who wanted their books signed.


© Stay Bookish

Finally, the most awaited. I get to hug and talk to her!!! Though, the event’s team were quite in a hurry because I understand that there are still a lot of people at the back. But still, you guys!! I was able to hug and talk to Kiera! Jeez, my feels!!! :’)

I left as soon as I got my books signed and as soon as I thanked and hugged Hazel! I really owe her one, because I forgot to bring a camera. It was nice of her to suggest of taking my photo since it was my first ever book signing. I am also glad to have met her, since she was actually my inspiration in putting up this book blog ♥

imageNo. 107!

I am just so happy that my books are signed! The really long line + the wait + being scolded by Mom for going home late was all worth it! Kiera has been so kind and patient to all of us! ♥


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