Gun Shot

Everyone knows well enough that firing a gun in the air could kill someone, because it doesn’t get anywhere, it only stays near the area where you have fired it. It would eventually hit someone. Events like this usually happen in New Year’s Eve. 

This has always been an issue ever since, and I don’t get why people keep on doing it when they know very well that it has killed a lot of people in the past. I am blogging about this because I really really love children, and the little girl named Nicole died because of it. It just hurts me, I feel the pain her parents feel. I have always been in love with kids, I am fond of playing with them. I tend to smile at them, give them a candy or help them with something even when I don’t know them. And hearing news like these just breaks my heart into a million pieces. It saddened me to have heard that she had passed away this afternoon.

I hope everyone learned from these, I hope that next year, nothing like this would happen again. I hope and pray that they find the person who fired the gun as soon as possible. I know whoever he is knows what he has done and I don’t friggin know how their conscience stands keeping quiet. Please, have a heart. </3


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