Is change really inevitable?

When the so-called ‘marginalized poor’ get mad when their homes are being deconstructed. Yes, I know and understand that they are losing the only shelter they have, but the fact that the land where they have built their homes are owned by someone else, who in fact could have built a restaurant or something where he can make money over.

It bothers me how they throw rocks or whatever hard stuff they see on the ground or ‘molotov bomb’ at the policemen and then the policemen would usually throw teargas over them and the people claims that the policemen has hurt them physically. When in fact the police were only defending themselves.

Okay, so it’s not that I’m on the policemen’s side, but sometimes they have a point. It could have been done without hurting anyone if only they cooperate. They have always been warned that their homes will be deconstructed in a while, but they still didn’t do anything before the deconstructing begins, instead when the said day comes, they prepare things that they would throw over the policemen. It has always been like that, the same scenario repeats itself over and over every year. And it just so bothers me each and every time, because a lot of people are being hurt. 

Ahhh, If only I could make each of them understand.


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