Bangkok Book Haul


Of course, our trip wouldn’t be complete if I don’t drop by bookstores and shop for books. I knew that they have one of my favorite bookstores when travelling in Asia (I haven’t travelled outside of Asia yet, but you get my point), Books Kinokuniya, so it was instantly on our itinerary! But we also dropped by Open House at Central Embassy Mall which I learned from Kathryn Bernardo’s Instagram post when she went to Thailand last year. Ever since I saw her post about this beautiful bookstore, I knew that I wanted to visit it and that’s why I convinced my husband to spend our first anniversary in Thailand.

Open House is located at the 6th floor of Central Embassy mall. Take note, they occupy the WHOLE floor. They sell different kinds of books from educational, cultural, memoirs, and fiction. They also have cafe’s and restaurant’s inside the bookstore! It was really a cool place to visit if you’re a bookworm like me. Oh, and they also offer art materials for painting, drawing, etc.

I hauled three books here that I know isn’t being sold in my home country. It’s a cozy investigative mystery series set in Bangkok! The series is called the Bob Lowe Investigation by Zach J Brodsky. I bought all three books available in the series: The Mysterious Case of the Missing Tuk-Tuk, The Troubling Case of the Stolen Shoes, and The Bizarre Case of the Suicide Killer. I read that the first appearance of Bob Lowe was on the author’s standalone novel, Bangkok Delusions. Too bad that it wasn’t available in the store.

Books Kinokuniya, on the other hand, has four different branches across Bangkok. But we decided to visit the one in Siam Paragon as we are going to also drop by the Gundam Base which is located in the same vicinity. I also met with my friend before going there, so I’ll be sharing some of our photos instead as I wasn’t able to take photos using my Fujifilm inside the store because it’s prohibited.
imageMy friend sneaked in one photo of me carrying my books though. Haha

In the end, I hauled three books from Books Kinokuniya. Cursed Bunny by Bora Chung, The Heights by Louise Candlish, and the other one is a gift for my cousin. My friend also bought me a copy of Who Moved My Cheese? which she has been recommending to me nonstop. I really enjoy bookstore hopping whenever I’m in a different city because we have so limited titles available in the Philippines that I make it a point to get hard-to-find titles when I’m travelling.


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