What I Wore #7: After 8 Months, I Went Out


Since the pandemic broke out and most of us were advised to stay at home, I haven’t really gone out of the housed except for those grocery runs I had to do with my mom which we managed to do only once or twice a month. Recently, quarantine measures were beginning to ease and a lot of people are starting to cope with the “new normal.” Since there are no check points anymore, my family decided to visit my grandparents’ house in Tagaytay because we haven’t visited since March and there were lots of cleaning to do.

We went during the recent long weekend in the Philippines (November 28 to 30), after a bit of cleaning we decided to do some groceries for the holidays because we will be spending Christmas there, too. Before that, we had lunch at Gerry’s Grill. It’s been a long time since we last had lunch outs! Pre-COVID, we usually eat out every Sunday.

Anyway, since I don’t usually go out these days and I absolutely miss dressing up, I make sure that I dress the best that I can whenever I do get the chance to leave the house:


Key Heart necklace from Celeste / Drunk On Coffee & Books shirt from Wear Your Books PH / Skirt from Cotton On


I love Wear Your Books PH‘s shirts! They are so comfy. They also have a lot of other bookish shirt designs, totes, and hoodies that will please the nerd and the geek in you. You might want to check them out for more details because I definitely am planning to order another one of their products soon. 😀


Disclaimer: The photos of me without wearing a mask are in front of our house, thus, there are no other people around me except for my cousins whom I live with.


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