Eureka! Moment #7: Bullet Journal


Hey, everyone! Today I’ll be sharing something that I have not really discovered for the first time — it’s more like rediscovering. I have always loved writing and I have kept a diary ever since elementary school, but it was just a plain diary full of random writings, notes, and quotes. I tried organizing my diary as I’ve seen my aunt do for her own diary, but I just lack those creative juices back then, so I stuck with just writing my feelings down. As I’ve said a thousand times already, writing has always been therapeutic for me — it has been sort of an outlet for releasing my stress, anxiety, anguish, and all the feelings I could not say out loud. That’s also the reason why I have this blog in the first place.

Ever since COVID-19 was announced as a pandemic and we are all stuck at home because of the quarantine measures, I have grown more and more anxious and writing was one of the things that kept me sane during this time. In March, I came up with an idea that instead of buying expensive planners, I’ll just buy blank notebooks and design my own diary in the coming years — just like how my aunt used to all those years ago. It’s not only cheaper, it will also help me be more creative and make my diary a lot more personal. Since then, I started doing my research on design ideas and watching tutorials on Youtube. I also started buying art materials such as stickers, pens, washi tapes, sticky pads, and practice notebooks. Of course, I also started practicing for my diary next year (but I’m not ready to reveal my spreads yet hehe)!


So aside from my usual book mails, these are the stuff that I was able to acquire over the months in preparation for my 2021 journal. I bought a ruler set, stickers, washi tapes, pens, sticky pads, and notebooks. I also bought double-sided adhesive glue, but it hasn’t arrived yet. Anyway, I am so happy with these purchases. I got them for very cheap prices, some of my sticker sheets only cost P5 each.

If you’re interested or are looking for sticker/BuJo shops, my haul was from the following shops:


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