Life is the greatest challenge of all; there are times when I think that I just can’t do it anymore. Times when all I want to do is pack my things and run away. Sometimes, everything comes crashing down on me and the worst part is, most of the time, I have no idea how to make it stop.

The thing is, it’s true that the world doesn’t stop for anybody. We’re all humans, we’re all going through something that shatters us inside, it’s just a matter of how we deal with it. But really, I just feel like I’m too young to go through this much stress. The world keeps spinning, and it keeps dragging me as it goes. 

I know I’m not the only one going through this, heck, some people out there are going through something much worse. I know I’m no one special, but I just want to stop the cycle, to stop the pain.


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