13 days, 136 deaths

Remember when I swore that I will be watching, I will be attentive and I will speak my mind out no matter what? So, well, here goes. 

It’s only been a few days and there have already been numerous deaths and some of the people killed weren’t even drug dealers nor users. I just hate the idea that seeing dead bodies on the streets is the new norm. I can’t decipher how some people can even say, “Dapat lang yan sakanila.” All of you just aren’t concerned nor affected by these rampant killings until it happens or involves a friend, a relative or someone you care about. That’s what’s bringing this country down, not the leaders. And another thing that also frustrates me is that we forgot all about due process and the right of people to defend themselves from something they are accused of in exchange to what we now call “Du process.” 

Let’s be real, I know that there are other things in his platform that make actual sense and that some of his projects are for the betterment of the country, but these killings, these deaths, I very much disagree to it. Yes, I am one of those people who strongly despise snatchers, hold-uppers, rapists, illegal drug dealers and users, but do we really need to kill in order to lessen the crime? 

Is this really the kind of justice we seek?


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