I’m sure the name deserves to be the title of this post, after four freaking days of not having electricity. Damn, that typhoon even deserves a standing ovation from boredom.

Anyway, I’ve been really really on the edge of cutting my wrist out of boredom. Loljk! The past four days has been the most unproductive days of my whole existence as of today. 

I was actually considering that we won’t have electricity until the 22nd but thank God for today! We’ve been really having a hard time during the evenings and the likes. But hey, the good thing about the non-electricity days were that I started reading The Sea of Tranquility and I’m almost half done, I didn’t start right after the electricity has gone out but last Thursday. And so far, I’m loving it! I’ve tried reading it a few times before but I can’t quite figure out why I can’t seem to push further than Chapter 1. But oh well, there really is a time for everything!

I’ve been really eager to have the electricity back because I can’t stand not being able to have distractions. The past four days has been really crucial for me, since I am left all afternoon and evening with my thoughts. And I tell you, my thoughts aren’t really the friendly type. They could kill me by letting me choke on all the memories I have and I could actually go on and on thinking where we could have gone wrong and I swear, it’ll leave me crazy.

So that’s how I dealt with all the shit that typhoon brought us. But I’m still thankful because there are other people suffering without a home or a shelter to stay in, and I’ve been really guilty for having to complain for not having electricity but I’d be a hypocrite if I tell everyone how okay it is to not have electricity because we all know that’s not true. But anyway, I will be praying for everyone. 

(I took photos after the storm and of other things during the black out, but the camera’s with my brother and I don’t want to mess with him right now because he has loads of things to do for school, so here’s a plain text post instead.)


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