Thoughts on Book Clubs & Book Buddies

I grew up with only books by my side.

Growing up, I was never allowed to go out with friends on Friday night outs or movie nights. So I ended up spending most of my Friday nights (and weekends) inside my room exploring the world through the magic of books. I find solace in the fact that even when I don’t get to go out all that much, I get to learn things about places I’ve never been to.

Most of the novels I’ve read were amazing and I remember how I badly wanted to talk about it with people who know what I’m talking about, people who’ve read it and liked it as much as I did, people who would share what they think about it as well. This is the reason why I loved book reports, because I get to talk about books and pour out all my thoughts and feelings; but it’s just not the same as when there’s really someone to talk to about it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a few friends who read some of the books I did but I don’t think they have the same enthusiasm to talk about it as much as I did. I think most of my schoolmates even thought I was such a dork for being too bookish.

Luckily, I found someone who likes to read (not as much as me, but at least) who I can talk to about my favorite books in my boyfriend. Imagine my joy (and kilig) when he willingly read The Percy Jackson series just so we could talk about it non-stop. So ever since we got together, we read a couple of novels, manga, and comic books at the same time and then we talk about it once we’re finished. It’s like having a mini book club of our own. Maybe next time I’ll come up with questions that we can both answer and post them here. Maybe.

Right now, I am just so happy to finally have a lifetime book buddy. ♡

How about you? Do you have book buddies or do you belong in any book clubs? If not, are you planning to make your own club? Tell me in the comments, maybe we can collaborate!


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