Malaysia Day 4: Last Day


I don’t think I already mentioned in my previous posts that our trip was originally just until the 25th of June, but sometime during May, we were informed that there were no scheduled flights on that date, so our flight back home was re-scheduled on the 27th instead. So, on our last day, we decided to wake up a little later than usual because we were all too exhausted from the previous days. We didn’t have anything on our itinerary, anyways.



After taking our much-deserved shower, packing our things, making sure that none of our stuff will be left behind, and checking out of our hotel, we then proceeded with looking for the nearest money changer. Then, we went to Suria, KLCC to eat lunch and, well, spend our remaining hours there.

We had lunch at Teppanyaki – they serve big servings of teppanyaki! So I just had to order their chicken teppanyaki and being the chicken + Japanese food lover that I am, I think I fell in love.


After that, we just roamed around the mall – visiting a few shops, had coffee, etc. I have to mention that the coffee shop we tried offers one of the most delicious iced lattes I’ve had in my life?


Also, I just had the opportunity to visit Books Kinokuniya’s branch in Malaysia before finally booking a cab to KLIA2 for our flight back to Manila. Below are some of the photos I got:




Ending my post with this photo:



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