Singapore Day 4: Orchard Rd & Golden Mile Tower


On our last day in Singapore, I was having major period cramps when I woke up. So, I passed on going to Botanic Gardens and asked that I stay in the hotel to get all the rest that I can because we will be travelling to Malacca in the evening. Besides, I didn’t want to ruin the whole Botanical Gardens experience just because of my period. It sucks to have your period on trips like this.


When I finally had enough energy, I decided to take a shower and prepare my things for the day. We were set to go to Orchard Rd to look for the cheapest GoPro Hero 7 because it’s GSS! Before that, we had lunch at this place near our hotel (which we should’ve tried during our first night there!), the roasted chicken was so yummy! I also tried their Iced Kopi which surely kept me up even during the trip to Malacca.



We also saw a branch of this ramen place where we had our first date back in the Philippines.


After, well, roaming around the city one last time, we went straight to Golden Mile Tower to book bus tickets going to Malacca. I didn’t get to sleep all that much even when the seats were comfy because 1) my period is acting up and 2) I think the coffee kick was that intense.

Other photos I took while enjoying the city one last time:





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