Almost December

I know I haven’t updated for a month or two, it’s just that I’ve been really busy with my new work. Even though the company that I currently work at is the same company where I’ve had my internship, adjusting has been really challenging. The transition hasn’t been easy as I do creative writing in my previous work while I do technical writing here. There were times that I felt like I will never get the hang of this, that things will crumble down for me again because it’s been so long since I last dealt with technical stuff like this, but I have to believe in myself more.

In fact, this whole year has been filled with challenges – I’ve left two jobs in just a year. It was hard, I feel like all the choices that I made were wrong. But I eventually learned how to cope and forgive myself for the wrong decisions that I made as it will make me stronger as time goes by.

Aside from work-related stuff, this year has also been crazy when it comes to my health. I constantly suffer from massive headaches which has been really bothersome. I recently got my eyes checked and learned that my eye grade has increased for both eyes, and I’m hoping that after using my new specs, my headaches would subside. Otherwise, I’d have to get my head checked too.

On the brighter side of things, 2017 has been a really great reading year for me. I’ve read 100 books out of my goal of 60 as of today! I hope that next year will be a better one as I plan to read more. Reading has been one of the things that keeps me sane despite all that’s happened this year, it was my stress-reliever and escape from the world when it seems like it’s too much. Well, aside from my year being filled with DC superhero-related books and comic books, I can say that Percy Jackson has been a really big part of my 2017. I just can’t imagine what I was doing the past couple of years and why I haven’t read it until this year, but as I keep saying, it’s better late than never!

There goes my quick update, I hope everyone’s having a good time and that we hold on tight as the end of the year is fast-approaching. 🙂


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