Hello, hello! I hope that all is well for everyone.

I’m currently on an almost month-long break after I resigned. I’ve found a new job as a technical writer at this BPO company in Makati where I interned at, it’s not the kind of writing that I want but I figured it’ll do as I know most of the people working there and I just feel so welcomed and I haven’t even started yet. I start on the 19th, by the way.

So anyway, I’ve been on “vacation” for two weeks now, and I can say that I’m enjoying it; the rest, the time to myself, and all the books and comic books that I get to read and catch up with. I’ve read a total of 19 books for the month of August (5 novels, 2 poem books, and 12 comic books)! I’ll be writing reviews on the novels and poem books soon.

At this point, I just want to enjoy life and the rest that I have and hope and pray that the company where I’ll be working at soon is far better than the last one. 


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