Book Review: Stone Cold Touch by Jennifer L. Armentrout


Rating: ★★★
Read: March 2016

Here’s my review of White Hot Kiss

Okay, so here’s the thing, I don’t know where to freaking start! Oh my goodness, I loved book one but this one is faaaantastic!

In White Hot Kiss, I was totally on Team Roth because he’s just totally awesome, I mean, I don’t have any hard feelings on Zayne, in fact, I kind of liked him during the first few chapters of White Hot Kiss. Okay, but then I’ve read Stone Cold Touch, and I just can’t decide whose team I’m on anymore!

So Stone Cold Touch picks up where White Hot Kiss ended, which was a freaking ~cliffhanger~ (yes, I’m looking at you, JLA!). Layla is still upset with Roth and for leaving her, and what makes it worse is that most of the Wardens don’t trust her anymore for being friends and hanging out with a demon. Also, there have been accidents (or are they?) going on in the school and everyone’s just freaked out about it.

And then, Roth returns. But things are still getting worst and everything seems to be spiraling downward.

This book did not let me sleep at all! I liked the development on Layla’s character and how she manages to deal with everything that’s being thrown her way. While Roth and Zayne kept snapping at each other, I can’t totally decide which team I’m on in this book. They’re both so irritating in an adorable way (if that even makes sense).

The twists and turns kept me seating at the edge of my seat and the ending… Jeez, the ending got me so shocked. I am just as shocked as Layla, I didn’t really see that coming!


“I don’t deserve you.”

“See, that’s where you’re wrong… That’s where you’ve always been wrong. You deserve everything.”


So if you’re a paranormal-fantasy-YA-romance fan, then this is the book for you! Read it! JLA is amazing. *hearts everywhere*


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