So last Monday, I finally received the book my blogger friends and I are passing along to read for our little book club. This is the pilot testing of our project, the original plan is to read one book per month but since we are all too busy with school/work, it took a lot of time to read. Since it’s just the pilot testing, that’s okay, at least we already know what to do next time.

So for our first project, we decided to pass along Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard.


Project Annotations means that we could do anything we want to the book while reading it. Highlight quotes, underline phrases or words, write comments on a certain chapter, write sticky notes, etc. Anything as long as the owner of the book approves.


So far, I have only read three chapters. I’ve been really busy with work and when I get home, I usually just immediately pass out, so I have little time for reading. Hopefully, I make a lot of progress during the weekend since it’s a holiday on Monday!


I’m the third person to read the book and there will be someone after me and then we’ll be passing along another book. So, you see, this is a mini book club with some of my blogger friends here. And while this is really enjoying, I find it really weird to write stuff on a book. It’s just…. I don’t really do that often. Wait, I don’t really do that. So this project is very new to me but so far, I am enjoying the process.



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