Saturday Getaway!

Last Saturday, I woke up late since it’s kind of the only rest I’ve had in weeks. I was about to order McDelivery when my Aunt called me and asked me if I wanted to come with them for lunch. And of course, being the “Tita’s girl” that I am, I went with them! Plus, I love being around my baby cousins.

We went to Nuvali and ate at Buffalo’s Wings and Things. I wasn’t able to take a picture of the food though, we were all too hungry for that! Hahahaha. But it was all good, except for the flavor of the chicken fingers my aunt chose. Lol. Loved their blue cheese sauce, though!

What I took a picture of though, was the dessert! “The” NY Cheesecake Ice Cream! It was freakingly and gushingly heavenly!

And then we just roamed around since my cousins has only been there twice. We rode the boat thingy and fed fishes!! I felt like I was a kid again. Heehee

And then we ate at Starbucks before we left! Heehee

Well, that’s it! 🙂 Used my extra time to update and post this family lunch date with them. ♥


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